1:32 & 1:24 Slot Car Racing Group Melbourne | Routed Wooden Slot Car Tracks

1:32 & 1:24 Slot Car Racing
Small Cars, Fast Action

1:32 Scale Classes

Routed wooden slot car tracks

Oz Scale Slotcars race a mixture of 1:32 scale classes, including: Sports Cars, GT, Can-Am, DTM, Nascars, Go Karts and Trucks to name a few. Of course if you do not have one of the above examples that fits the classes, someone may borrow you a car, or you may have to race what you have closest to that of what will fit into the above class.

Click the images below to see cars run in each category.

1:32 Scale Slotcar Endurance Racing

Endurance Racing

1:32 Scale Slotcar Touring Car Racing

Touring Cars

1:32 Scale Slotcar Stock Car Racing

Stock Cars

1:32 Scale Slotcar GT Car Racing

GT Cars

1:32 Scale Slotcar Rally Car Racing

Rally Cars

1:32 Scale Slotcar Open Wheeler Racing

Open Wheelers

1:32 Scale Slotcar Racing