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1:32 & 1:24 Slot Car Racing
Small Cars, Fast Action

Race Coordinator

Timing Software

Our slot car tracks are controlled by a PC with Windows XP Operating system or above installed and use Race Coordinator and Arduino track interface.

Race Coordinator is a free alternative slot car lap counting software package for the PC. It contains a wide range of racing options from the most basic Round Robin races to the most complicated multi-race events that include Practice time, one or more Qualifying races, and a Finals.

Race Coordinator supports an unlimited number of drivers per race and an unlimited number of lanes on the track. Yes, that's right, unlimited.

This page contains a lit of useful how to guide, links to key sections of the Race Coordinator website as well as RC Fuel images to enhance your racing experience.

Essential Files & Guides

Race Cordinator Slot Car Racing Software

Race Coordinator

Fuel Gauge Images

Dots Fuel Images

This version has coloured dots on a white background so you can see low fuel levels in red / yellow lanes.


RC Fuel Gauges 2

This version uses a real looking Analog fuel gauge in order to give drivers that authentic appearance.


RC Fuel Gauges 3

This version uses a real looking LED fuel gauge to give drivers a more modern appearance.