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Marshalling Rules

OSR Slot Car Group Melbourne

Oz Scale Racers wishes to encourage the hobby to be developed as a family oriented adventure which is open to all to enjoy. Please see marshalling rules below.

  • Drivers are required to Marshal when they are not racing.
  • In some cases a Drivers Briefing will be held before a championship event to cover expected standards of marshalling if needed.
  • Drivers should shout at marshals at any time as apart from being out of line it will only delay you getting back into the race.
  • In the event of a multiple crash, the offending car which caused the incident Must always be put back on the track last!
  • Marshals and drivers may interact / talk to each other during social events, however during a Championship ideally both Drivers and Marshals should remain focussed, as failing to do so may lead to slow marshalling and crashes.
  • Slow Marshalling can cost drivers laps, time and even the race. So when you are marshalling, please use both hands to quickly and carefully put de-slotted cars back into the relevant slot.
  • Always look at the track and check to make sure that No traffic is coming at high speed which you might knock off by placing cars back onto the track.
  • Lane colour tape / stickers should be placed on the 'Font windscreen' or 'Rear' of the Slot Car.

* Marshalling is not popular with all racers, however it is very important, as you cannot race without marshals.

Code of Conduct - Member behaviour

In order to ensure fun for all, Oz Scale Racers Melbourne have created the following 'Code of Conduct'. Anyone who fails to acknowledge and abide by these rules may have their membership cancelled. For that reason, all members must maintain and conduct themselves in an acceptable manner and show sportsmanship at all times, especially during a Championship when things may go wrong.

Any member displaying unsportsmanlike conduct and abusive or obscene language will be issued with a warning. If the situation occurs during a race / championship etc, then a second warning will incur a point’s penalty. Any member having to be warned a third time will see them disqualified from further racing on the night as well as possible future racing for a period of time deemed suitable by the other members.

Disqualification and or suspension is a last resort, however Oz Scale Racers has put these 'Code of Conduct' in place to ensure members enjoy themselves at all times without the fear of being abused or listening to obscene language etc. All members must abide by and accept our 'Code of Conduct' when the joining Oz Scale Racers Slotcar Club.

How to become member of Oz Scale Racers

If you think you have what it takes and are interested in racing slot cars with a great bunch of like-minded people and wish to become a member of Oz Scale Racers, then please feel free to submit our Enquiry form and we will get back to you.

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